What’s The Key To Local SEO

It’s bad enough that you have to fight for a place in the spotlight with your site internationally, but this is only half the battle. As a local business, you also need to focus on the most immediate market, namely the residents in your vicinity. Is it really necessary to dig so deep? In basic terms, no. You don’t have to worry about competing for local traffic if you don’t feel like it. There’s just one problem, though, which comes in the form of your competition. Chances are your rivals are doing it right now.

Statistics prove that an increasing number of people will “shop” on their phone before leaving the house. This doesn’t mean they will conclude the actual purchase, but they will check for businesses in their vicinity. More specifically, which business is closer and will they have whatever the shopper is looking for?

Instead of aimlessly driving around and hoping to find what they are looking for, people have become quite comfortable with doing the search from the comfort of their couch. This brings the point back to whether it is really necessary to invest in local SEO?

Assuming you agree that it’s a rather critical part of your business strategy, you need to find out how to make it stand out. Just like with an ordinary site, you need to start competing for the spotlight. So what’s the key to local SEO?


It would seem the most important aspect of local SEO are links. It was predicted that links would become increasingly important back in 2014, and this predication has manifested itself. Even though it’s not the only variable that should be taken into account, it could just be the ticket for reaching big heights.

Another strange factor that has proven to be influential is throwing more words onto location pages. There are several claims that Google would be moving in a more sophisticated direction in terms of content usage, but the longer pages still enjoy a better chance of ranking higher. This doesn’t mean you can post any useless information, but you don’t have to hire a young Charles Dickson to write what’s necessary. By keeping the content high quality and utilizing keywords through the longer material, you should survive algorithm changes while receiving a boost.


As for elements you shouldn’t be too worried about, don’t spend too much time with GEO text. It’s logical to believe that using a city or town name in the content and title will help with local rankings. But according to research, there is no connection between the two.


So when it comes down to it, the key to local SEO is still safe in retro tactics. Above everything else, it’s the healthy links that will help you stand out in a local search and it would be wise to really focus on it. However, it’s also important to remember all the variables. You want all your basis covered because Google is constantly expanding the ways to reach higher rankings.

Four Things People Don’t Understand About SEO

SEO may seem simple on the surface, but it is actually quite complex. Search engines periodically update their algorithms, which means that the rules of SEO are always evolving.


Because SEO is so complicated, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. Read on to learn more about the things that people don’t understand about SEO.

1. SEO Is About More Than Keywords

While there are many components to SEO, a lot of people focus on keywords exclusively. Many people think that if they select the right kinds of keywords, they’ll see their traffic surge.

Although keywords are important, there are a lot of other factors that can impact your site’s search rankings. In addition, search engines are changing the way that they look at keywords. For example, a lot of search engines are automatically taking the user’s location into account when they deliver results.

While keywords should be a part of your SEO strategy, they should never be the sole component.

2. Google Isn’t The Only Important Search Engine

Many site owners focus their attention on Google exclusively. After all, it is the most popular search engine by a very large margin.

However, if you rule out Bing and other search engines, you are making a mistake. Even though these search engines are less popular than Google, they still get a lot of users. This is doubly true now that Bing has become the official search engine for Yahoo.

While you should definitely pay attention to Google, you should look at other search engines well. Make sure that your site is ranking highly everywhere.

3. Comment Links Won’t Boost Your Search Traffic

It’s common knowledge that a link back can boost your search rankings, especially if that link comes from an authority site. Because of this, it has become common for people to link to their own site in the comment sections of other popular websites.

Linking back to your own site can be valuable, especially if you’ve written a relevant piece of content. However, it isn’t something that will boost your search rankings. Search engine spiders are able to tell the difference between a site that was linked within a post, and a site that was linked to from the comments section.

4. SEO Is An Ongoing Process

A lot of people assume that SEO is something that they can tackle in a day, or in a long weekend. While you can improve your SEO company in a day or two, SEO isn’t a project that you can finish. It’s something that you will have to keep working at.

If you want your search engine rankings to remain high, you’re going to need to keep on creating quality content. You will need to keep up with the ways search engines are changing their algorithms. You need to update your site as needed. If you ignore SEO after you’ve implemented a few strategies, you’ll eventually fall behind.

Even SEO experts have bought into some of these misconceptions. Ignore the myths and focus on SEO strategies that will bring you long-term success.



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